Selasa, 29 November 2011

about you and me

about me and you:)

jason how much you make me sad or anything la..but i dont mind as long you dint lie me and love me...all i want is only your heart, you true heart, only that i want from you is enought for me in my life:)...hope you are not like other guy that will never love they gf until the end and just give out and leave her alone, i dont want that jason, pls dont leave me alone and dont anything said want to "BREAK" with me...

when the wind blows
i hope you receive my letter 
letter of love
telling you i miss you

when the waves hit the beach

i wish my love will not be washed away 
i wish it will stay
stay as long as it takes

when the 
stars randomly shining in the sky 
when the moon gives a full smile

that is how i know
you're looking down upon me 
from up there
from heaven

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