Selasa, 29 November 2011

My sweetheart

This is my sweetheart<3

hye eveyone, he is jason ng, this year sweet 17 same as me so sweet right hahaha:)..stay at klang somewhere la, i dont know=="..  he taken by someone, that is " elaine lee" by me:) i really2 love him so much, even we dint everyday meet or anything la, but how oso both of my heart n his is the same, where we go. what we do we will miss both:)..this is me la, he i dont know la if he miss other girl, huhuhu (so bad gf oso got right said bf like that)...but how much he hurt me or make me sad, i still love him like the 1st time i love him, never change this, because only him can be in my heart he is my everthing. 1min oso i dont want to lost him, if can i want everyday be together with him<3...i hope this relationsh will never end... 

** dear jason ng, i hope you can be my last love and a better boy friend, that will not leave me alone, i hope what you promise to me, you will do it, i relly2 love you dear...


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